Angel Dimitrov: One cannot expect Sofia to make concessions under outside pressure


U.S. diplomacy and EU partners are exhibiting double standards towards Bulgaria but this will not alter positions in bilateral relations and one cannot expect Sofia to make concessions under outside pressure, says Angel Dimitrov, co-chair of the Bulgaria- Macedonia joint commission for historical and educational issues and former Bulgarian ambassador to Skopje.

Dimitrov told the Bulgarian National Radio that the United States are “most probably in discussions with the Republic of North Macedonia over its position but this is not made public.”

He has reserves over the statement of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that chances to overcome the Bulgarian veto for the start of North Macedonia’s EU accession negotiations would increase after the elections in Bulgaria, saying the positions declared in the documents adopted in the countries’ parliaments prevent a serious political compromise.

Dimitrov also says he is not an optimist over the coming meeting of the joint commission, accusing his Macedonian counterparts of previously being “guardians of historical myths” and now becoming “ideologists of misunderstandings and anti-Bulgarian attitudes and behavior that are unacceptable for Sofia”.

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