13 deaths, 329 new COVID-19 cases


Macedonia on Sunday registered 329 new COVID-19 infections, including 178 in the capital Skopje, after a total of 3,045 tests were conducted in labs across the country in the past 24 hours. Thirteen fatalities and 200 recovered patients were also registered in the same time period, says the Health Ministry.

Skopje registered six deaths, aged 91, 88, 79, 78, 69 and 68. Veles reported three deaths, aged 86, 72 and 57, and one each in Prilep, Tetovo, Kriva Palanka, and Kumanovo. All patients died in hospital, says the press release.

Additionally, five more deaths are recorded in the register of COVID-19-diagnozed fatalities according to the My Appointment e-service, dated from Sept. 20 until Oct. 2.

At the moment, 6,924 cases are active nationwide, of which 3,480 in Skopje.

Since the onset of the epidemic, N. Macedonia has performed a total of 1,342,870 tests, recording 197,091 COVID-19 cases and 183,227 recoveries. The death toll has reached 6,940.

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