“Izlezi I glasaj”: Several cases of agitation at the polling stations, suspicions of putting pressure on voters


At a number of polling stations, observers of the “Izlezi I glasaj (Come out and Vote)” noticed several cases of agitation at the polling stations themselves, and there are also suspicions of putting pressure on voters.

Also, during the election process, problems with fingerprinting machines were noticed at several polling stations. These are two specific problems: Some of the machines could not print the necessary list for the start of the voting, while others were unable to read the biometric data with their fingerprints. Due to all this, misunderstandings and minor crowds were observed in front of the polling stations, the statement reads.

“Come out and vote” calls on the competent institutions in charge of conducting the elections, and of course the body in charge of implementing the laws to fully perform their duties and powers.

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