VMRO-DPMNE wins more council seats in Skopje, the opposition in the lead with about 23,000 votes ahead of SDSM


VMRO-DPMNE leads by about 23,000 votes ahead of SDSM in the Council of the City of Skopje.
From 90.95 percent of the processed votes, according to the State Election Commission, VMRO-DPMNE won 69,454 votes, and SDSM won 46,407. In third place is DUI with 26,261 votes, fourth is Left with 17,516 votes, Alliance for Albanians has 11,411 votes, LDP / DOM – 8,083 votes, BESA – 2,296 votes.
Out of 467,373 registered voters, 205,635 citizens went to the polls. There are 10,843 invalid ballots for the Skopje City Council so far.

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