SEC announces final results in the second round of voting in 44 municipalities


In the second round of the Local Elections, which will be held on October 31, 2021, voting will take place in a total of 44 municipalities. In Mavrovo-Rostushe and Centar Zhupa, the voting will be repeated, because the legal threshold for voting at least one third of the registered voters in the Voters’ List will not be met.

The State Election Commission will inform the Government within 15 days, and then it will inform the Assembly, which should call new elections for these two municipalities said SEC President Aleksandar Dashtevski on Saturday.

Mayors were elected in a total of 32 municipalities in the latest Local Elections 2021, and the final results for the councils in the Municipalities and the City of Skopje, the SEC  said will be revealed during the day.

Asked by the media, Dashtevski pointed out that he expects the problems with the fingerprint machines, which happened in the first election round, to be overcome in the second election round.

The deadline for applying to vote in the second round of the COVID-19 patients in isolation expires on October 25th.

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