EC report confirms government corruption and lack of reforms, says Mickoski


The European Commission report on Macedonia’s progress that came out a few days ago is very bad, it notes the things that VMRO-DPMNE talks about all the time, that there are no reforms in the country and that there is an extremely high level of crime and corruption, says the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Professor Dr. HristijanMickoski.

Mickoski during the visit and meeting with citizens in Peshtani in Ohrid, where he was asked by journalists to comment on the latest EC report on Macedonia, adding that this is exactly the result of the bad situation we live in today.

“The report itself is very bad. My assessment is that he is very bad, because there is a note of what we say all the time. And that is the extremely high level of crime and corruption that prevails in Macedonia, the lack of reforms and that is practically the result that we are living today,” said Mickoski.

He said that with this set of power there can be no good and new future, they can only drag us back, and we can only move forward in the number of deaths due to the coronavirus, as before and due to the incompetence of the government over seven thousand Macedonian citizens lost their lives, putting Macedonia at the top of the world and European lists in terms of number of deaths per million inhabitants.


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