Dr. Panovski on the high COVID-19 mortality in Macedonia and that each hospital treats patients according to its own protocol


Renowned Macedonian microbiologist Dr. Nikola Panovski believes that the competent institutions have made a number of illogicalities in dealing with the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

“When there is a pandemic, the state leads the state, not the citizens. Instead of sending these tests to send healthy children to school for cold children, it would be much smarter. Private laboratories have meanwhile become richer. I know how much the tests cost and I know that you can work with interest at a much lower cost. If they had lowered the prices in June last year, the EC would have given us that money. Like, they told us you saved and here you have less money. So, there is no financial justification for that. It turns out that the one who has the money will be tested and will buy the medicine, because there is no point in testing to be scheduled after seven days, and the medicine is taken in the first five,” Dr. Panovski said in a TV interview.

He also reveals that the protocol for treating COVID-19 patients is not the same to all clinics.

“There is a protocol for treatment, but no one publishes it. Dr. Dokic sent me the protocol last November. Now each hospital has its own protocol. Dr. Dokic says that the mortality in their COVID center is 25%, then the mortality in others who knows what it is to reach 50%. Family doctors should stop giving antibiotics for the reason that it did not go down to the lungs. There must be an explanation for the use of medicine, and medicines on their own must be paid privately and the responsibility lies with the patient,” warns Dr. Panovski

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