OMO Ilinden Pirin: Minority in the Constitution is not a right, but a rare privilege


The party of Macedonians in Bulgaria OMO Ilinden Pirin led by Stojko Stojkov reacted to the new position of the Bulgarian state leadership, which demands that Macedonia immediately include the Bulgarians in the preamble of the Constitution, because otherwise it will not lift the veto on starting accession negotiations with the EU.

“We are well aware that so far only false excuses for blocking Macedonia’s EU membership are changing, however it is to be welcomed that the focus has shifted from attempts to impose a false Bulgarian nationalist reading of history on the rights of Bulgarians in Macedonia. Because, fortunately, as it turned out, it does not exist as a problem at all. Bulgarians in Macedonia obviously have all the human and minority rights they demanded. This is clear from the fact that the only concrete complaint and request made at the meeting of Bulgarian organizations from Macedonia with the Bulgarian authorities was to include Bulgarians in the Macedonian Constitution, something that is not a human or minority right, but in fact a privilege that very few minorities the world has it and no one lives in Bulgaria.

This can be seen from the fact that there are no problems of the Bulgarians from Macedonia in the reports of the international institutions that regularly monitor the country, while the reports of the same institutions, unfortunately, are full of problems of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria. While Bulgaria has already been accused 14 times for violating the rights of Macedonians, Macedonia has only been accused once for violating the rights of Bulgarians. We can only envy the “problems” they complain about!”


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