Man shoots his friend while hunting – he thought he was a wild boar


A 67-year-old man from Kumanovo was killed this morning while hunting in the Kumanovo village of Garbesh. The hunter shot his friend with whom they went hunting. The hunter died on the spot from his injuries.

The accident happened this morning around 8 am, in a forest near the village of Gabresh.

“At 08.00 in the SIA Kumanovo I. С. (59) from Kumanovo reported that in the village of Gabresh, a place called Ostrovica, he shot Ch. Р. (67) from the village of Lopate. The Ambulance concluded that the person died, and the inspection is still ongoing,” said the SIA Kumanovo.

Unofficially, the hunters went hunting together this morning, after which they separated. After some time, unknowingly, they approached each other in the dense part of the forest, after which the hunter, thinking that he had seen a wild boar, shot his friend.

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