Second round of 2021 local elections in 44 municipalities on Sunday


Macedonia on Sunday holds the second round of the 2021 local elections in 44 municipalities across the country, including the City of Skopje. A total of 1,353,990 citizens have the right to cast their ballot in 2,481 polling stations nationwide.

By order of the Constitutional Court, the first round of voting for mayor and council members will be repeated in one polling place in Debar, as well as in a polling station in Shuto Orizari, where citizens once again vote to elect municipal councilors.

Residents of Mavrovo-Rostushe and Centar Zhupa won’t be voting in Sunday’s runoff. These two municipalities will redo the first round, in line with the Law on Local Self-Government, due to a failure to meet the prerequisite turnout of one third of registered voters. Council members in these municipalities were elected October 17.

Polling stations opened at 7 am on Sunday to close at 7 pm. If voting is interrupted longer than one hour, voting hours will be extended for as long as the interruption had lasted, but not longer than three hours. When polling stations close at 7 pm, all voters already in line for voting will be allowed to cast their vote.

1,409 inmates can vote in 14 prisons on Saturday, from 7 am until 7 pm. 5,588 sick and frail people, as well as those on house arrest and 376 people infected with COVID-19 or isolating can also vote.

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