Sela: New parliamentary majority starting Monday


There would be a new stable majority, the Alliance for Albanians leader Zijadin Sela said in an interview with TV 21.

“Zaev’s coalition partners will not want to go with Zaev to the next elections, because they see that Zaev is sinking. They also have MPs now. We will create a new majority,” Sela said.

When asked by the moderator how many MPs there are, Sela pointed out that 12 had AA, VMRO-DPMNE 44, and that is a total of 56.

Moderator: Where do the other 5 come from?

Sela: You will see on Monday.

Moderator: Levica?

“I have no contact with Levica, we will see. We will probably take MPs from DUI as well. However, the process of gathering a sufficient number of MPs and creating a new government majority will begin on Monday!” Sela said.

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