Arsovska: Let’s transform Skopje into a modern European city


Thank you for supporting the projects I have highlighted in this campaign, for choosing to believe in humanity, for being against smear campaigns and for giving me your trust to run Skopje in the next four years and be your go-to person in the city, said newly elected Skopje Mayor DanelaArsovska.

“Rejoice Skopje, rejoice Macedonia, today a new sun is born, let’s demand responsibility together for what has not been done, and transform Skopje into a modern European city. The victory is huge, with a margin of almost 30 thousand votes, so thank you for the trust and let’s start working from day one”, Skopje Mayor DanelaArsovska said.

For the first time in 30 years of independent Macedonia, Skopje has a woman mayor, the newly elected mayor of Skopje added.

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