The country is one step closer to formalizing the energy crisis with the adopted decree, says opposition


Decree on declaring an electricity crisis – confirmation or hiding of the collapse of AD ELEM (ESM) and AD MEPSO, say the VMRO-DPMNE Commissions.

Due to the harmful government policies, it has long been indicated that the Republic of Macedonia is on the verge of an electricity crisis, but the current government concealed all this with the sole purpose of not endangering its own already damaged rating in the election process that took place in the past period.

The truth began to come to light immediately after the end of the second round of local elections when, contrary to recent false beliefs that the situation is stable, a Decree declaring a state of electricity crisis was suddenly adopted. Again the Government tried to draw the public’s attention by justifying that the adoption was nothing but fulfillment of the obligations of the Energy Law. This is by no means justified because anyone can open the Energy Law and be convinced that the legal deadline for its adoption was in July 2019, and not now. The intention is obvious. Nothing can hide the truth that with the adopted decree the state is one step closer to confirming the electricity crisis.

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