Rexhepi says he will hold a press conference on Monday and reveal what happened to him before the Government no-confidence vote


Besa MP KastriotRexhepi says he will face the media on Monday in order to clear the air regarding his failure to appear for Thursday’s Government no-confidence vote in the Parliament.

Rexhepi urges Besa against making hasty moves that would damage party structures and its activists.

“Dear friends and family members, irrespective of your political background, let me thank you for the care and support. More information will be available over the next days. I understand the media interest and my first appearance before the public will be at a press conference on Monday. Finally, I urge the Besa leadership against making any hasty moves that will damage our structures and activists. We have to be cautious in our actions,” Rexhepi says in a Facebook post.

On Thursday evening, leader of the Besa Movement Bilal Kasamiasked the authorities to come out with official information about the whereabouts of MP KastriotRexhepi and that they guarantee his safety.

Rexhepi released a video saying he was “well and had no threats”, but personally decided not to attend the no-confidence motion against the Government, but Besa doubted the veracity and voluntariness of the statement.

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