Electricity price to go up as of January


The price of electricity is guaranteed until December. There will be an increase as of January and we should be aware of that, but how much no one knows, ESM General Manager Vasko Kovachevski.

There will be no restrictions. There is no room for panic as the situation is portrayed in public according to him, because the two blocs of REK Bitola are working, and we can count on TEC Negotino.

“In December we have to make a plan, a production program for next year. We will be oriented according to the increased costs in relation to the increased energy of resources, raw materials and we will form a price that we will submit to the Government. The Government will give us an obligation. The price of electricity is determined by the regulatory commission. We participate in the price with 33%. We will try to go with the lowest production price, but we should be aware that we will not go with the same price this year. There will be an increase in the price, but neither I nor anyone else can say what the percentage will be”, said Kovachevski.

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