Emergency inspection of “Besa Trans” not possible after company closed its offices


The State Transport Inspectorate yesterday couldn’t carry out an emergency inspection, despite making attempts, of the “Besa Trans” company, whose bus caught fire in Bulgaria killing 45 passengers. The company’s offices were closed and no one was answering the phone, its director Rufat Huseini said.

“Besa Tran”s, in addition to transportation services, is also a registered travel agency with offices in Skopje and Tetovo, which were all closed on Thursday.

“No one is answering the phones, neither the company owner nor anyone in the officers”, said Huseini.

“Now, we will send a written notification and schedule an appointment with the owner to wait for us and open the office. If he doesn’t receive the notification, then it will be handed over to him through the Interior Ministry,” Huseini added.

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