Janushev: Everything that wants to be presented as a security intelligence reform is a merely make-up


Everything that for the past few years in the public and in front of the international factor is actually trying to present itself as a reform of the security intelligence sector is merely make-up. Why am I saying this? The report was submitted in August, the session was held in November, given that the elections were held in the previous two months, so we were not able to hold a session of the Commission at which the Report will be reviewed. However, I would like to welcome the fact that this time the Report was submitted with a delay of only eight months, last year for example it was submitted with a delay of more than a year, so we reviewed it next year, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Igor Janushev in a TV political show.

Janushev added that what the Commission is doing in terms of what has been submitted and what it has as a subject of work is acting, for example for that report last year a reaction was forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the remarks that the Commission has in relation to the Report.

“The Report itself as a Report is a mathematical operation where only numbers and an overview are given regarding how many wiretaps were made, based on which article of the Law, which crimes, whether the perpetrators are known or unknown. In fact, as in last year’s Report and in this Report, the last one lacks the financial part, although it is an obligation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office according to the Law”, said Janushev.


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