Stoilkovski: Government acknowledges collapse in energy sector and overlooks restrictions and price shock


We have a government document which shows that the situation with the energy and financial crisis is catastrophic and is far from dealing with and overcoming the situation, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski told a press conference Monday.

“Unlike the false calming tones from SDSM/DUI, this document, called “Plan for measures and activities for the functioning of the Ministry of Interior in conditions of crisis caused by lack of electricity”, states that I quote: “Lack of electricity energy and the increase in the price of electricity on the market, will cause real security challenges that may reflect economic, social and security phenomena with negative consequences”. The document uses terms such as “new energy and economic shock”. This plan, which covers the scope of police and security in conditions of energy crisis and restrictions, is a document from November 16 for functioning, I quote, “In conditions of energy collapse and restrictions.” “A document already in force provides: “The Sector for Cybercrime and Digital Forensics will STRONGLY MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA to detect persons who incite or call for disturbing public order and committing other crimes,” Stoilkovski said.

The spokesperson adds that the security assessment of the situation, among other things, states that in case of energy collapse and electricity restrictions, an increase in crime is expected, but also disturbance of public order and peace.


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