Alternativademands the Ministry of Health and a deputy prime minister positionfrom Zaev


Alnanian political party Alternativa demands the Ministry of Health and one deputy prime minister out of the four that exist. Although Alternativabelieves that it is still early to talk about the division of departments, unofficial sources say that BekimSali is the name mentioned in the party bodies for Minister of Health, Alsat-M reports.

BekimSali is a dentist and is the Secretary General of Besa and attended Tuesday’s meeting along with the leader of AltenrativaAfrimGashi and Prime Minister ZoranZaev.

After the meeting, the Government Information Service announced that an agreement in principle had been reached on the program part of the possible future cooperation expressed through the political and executive participation of Alternativa in the Government.

“Talks on taking over and sharing responsibilities in the best interest of citizens and country have started and interlocutors discussed possible officials who will potentially take over duties and responsibilities of ministers, deputy ministers and other officials within the executive branch,” the press release stressed.

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