Zaev offers bribes to MPs, our MP has refused a sum of money from the government as a bribe, claims Taravari


Mayor of the municipality of Gostivar and Secretary General of the Alliance for Albanians Arben Taravari told Sitel TV that it was publicly known that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was offering money to MPs as bribes.

“Zaev offers them a sum of money to join them, but our group is compact. Our MPs know that our goal is better tomorrow for all, and not to be part of a corrupt government, Taravari said, confirming that Zaev had personally offered money to an Alliance MP, but the MP had refused.

“He personally offered money to our MP, but she immediately refused, she did not even want to talk to him about it. Friends of the prime minister and other people also called, but she refused”, Taravari said.

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