Makraduli: Government does not budge on selling the Post Office with a public-private partnership


Currently the net loss for this year is around three million euros, but has accumulated other losses that are not related to the operation of the Post this year. This loss is due to two factors – the collapse and the bankruptcy of Eurostandard Bank, says Jani Makraduli in an interview for “Utrinski brifing”.

Makraduli says that the Post Office is slowly recovering, but it is still far from what it was in 2020. He adds that it is late in terms of financial services and that the Post Office has about 1 million in revenue.

“Public-private partnership is a realistic option. The process of legalization with the post office facilities is not over yet and we do not have much real estate because we share the one with German Telecom. The potential we have requires additional input and expert knowledge for new organizational skills. We fight alone, and in many countries around the world the budget is subsidized”, says Makrduli.

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