The Parliament is dysfunctional, we are requesting a session to ensure resolution of the energy crisis and assistance to citizens


MP and Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Vlado Misajlovski told Alfa TV’s political show that the public should know that the Parliament was dysfunctional, because the Government had no quorum, and there are requests to the Government to resolve the energy crisis and assistance to the citizens, ‘therefore a session is required’.

“There is no quorum, the whole Macedonian people should know that, today a session cannot be held because 59 MPs have a European who we see would move to the other side, but again with it there is no majority, because the balance is 60- 60, and the Parliament cannot function”, says Misajlovski.

Misajlovski says that that is why yesterday at a press conference he sent two requests from the Parliament to hold a session to continue the crisis situation where the Government will help 250 million euros directly to their accounts and to companies to help the citizens.

“If the electricity rises according to the announcements of 20 percent, the Government should give help to the citizens and the companies, but the second request is to help the municipalities in the new contracts, after they terminated the old electricity contracts, now in the new ones they are asked to pay twice as much for electricity”, says Misajlovski.

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