Electricity price on the stock exchanges reaches a record EUR 320, if ESM does not provide electricity, citizens will pay a higher price up to 50 percent


Record price growth on the regional stock exchange Hupex. As much as 320 euros per megawatt hour reached the price paid by electricity traders who supply domestic companies that are on the open market. Although as a result of the annual contracts, Macedonian companies still pay at the price agreed upon when signing the contract last year, it is more than clear that next year the price will rise significantly.

As a result of the price increase, several electricity trading companies have already canceled their contracts, facing the risk of losing their operating licenses. Those who have consistently continued to fulfill their contract face huge losses. According to market data EVN Supply, EDS and GENI M are one of the few companies that continued to supply their customers despite the losses. Some of them tightened the conditions, so EDS cancels the contracts if the client does not pay the electricity bill within five days, because the financial burden of the traders is high.

According to the announcements, the Government is expected to set a new price of ESM at the closed session on Tuesday, from the current 36 euros, to around 45 euros, after which ESM should offer quantities for households. The third tender of EVN Home has been announced for December 9, 2021.

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