Government approves amended 2022 draft-budget, back for adoption in Parliament


The Government approved amendments to the 2022 draft-budget of N. Macedonia at Saturday’s session, following debates in parliamentary committees.

The amended 2022 draft-budget now returns to Parliament for adoption at plenary session.

According to the Government, of the total number of amendments, 23 have been approved in the amount of MKD 382 million.

“In addition, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia at today’s session, at the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, adopted the following amendments to next year’s budget: Increasing the funds in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in the amount of MKD 250 million for implementing program activities of the Macedonian Radio Television; increasing the funds in the Constitutional Court of the Republic of North Macedonia in the amount of MKD 1 million for election of new judges; increasing the funds in the Finance Police in the amount of MKD 1 million for vehicle purchase obligation, as well as other,” reads the press release.

Minister of Finance FatmirBesimi in an article dedicated to the 2022 Budget, states that the key priorities will be further economic recovery and acceleration of growth through investments, protection of citizens’ health in still present risks of the pandemic, but also support for the standard of living of population.

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