Donev: The Government is ready to give in to Bulgaria and show that they have reached a compromise


The government does not hope for pressure on Bulgaria, but wants what they are ready to do, to give in to Bulgarian demands, and it is obvious, to present it at home that they have reached a compromise solution that satisfies both parties. They use the same scheme with the Prespa Agreement, former ambassador and historian Jovan Donev told Alfa TV.

He pointed out that the Bulgarian side has national chauvinism towards Macedonia, denying the existence of the Macedonian nation and language, and therefore the Macedonian side has the wrong approach in the negotiations, and that Bulgaria will not give in.

“There will be no change in the Bulgarian positions, whether he is a minister or a technical foreign minister. There may be a change in tactics and it will depend on the new Bulgarian government, nothing else will change. You cannot convince the Bulgarians that there is a Macedonian language. If something is signed with Bulgaria now, the threshold of Bulgarian demands in future negotiations will be raised,” Donev said.

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