Gashi’s request says that Macedonia has politically rigged cases against only one ethnic community


If we say we are entering the Government to move Macedonia to the EU and make anti-European demands to be laughed at by Europe, and you know that this is not a re-examination, it is a request to the European Commission to send investigators to see if the trial was democratic , transparent, without influence and pressure. So you create suspicion that the judiciary judged politically first, said LDP leader GoranMilevski in a n interview with Kanal 5 TV.

The head of the small coalition partner in the current government said this commenting on the agreement reached by the resigned Prime Minister ZoranZaev with the leader of AlternativaAfrimGashi with which he secured a majority in parliament and one of the points is the reopening of some court cases with international monitoring.

“Secondly, we are striving for Europe, and in any case, if the domestic court has ruled wrongly, there is a Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. So there are European institutions through which they are channeled, if you know that the country has already submitted a request for cases to come to the EU Commission to investigate the situation and they say they were with the explanation that it is not their competence and you insist again to enter, It’s mere populism,” said the LDP leader.

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