National Bank: Denar exchange rate is stable and there are no changes in its level


The National Bank denies the information published on some websites and on social media that the exchange rate of the euro has increased. The exchange rate of the Denar is stable and there are no changes in its level, informs the bank.

“The announcements confuse the exchange rate list for performing foreign payment operations for the needs of the state bodies, with the middle exchange rate which is the relevant data on the value of the currencies. The average exchange rate of the Euro according to the exchange rate list of the National Bank is 61.69 denars and it is unchanged compared to last year”, the National Bank stressed.

These data are published daily on the website of the National Bank  and this is the only relevant source of information on the exchange rate of the domestic currency.

“The National Bank has a number of instruments that guarantee the stability of the Denar against the Euro. Foreign exchange reserves, which are key to maintaining the stability of the domestic currency exchange rate, are at a high level – twice as high as before the global economic crisis in 2008”, the National bank said.

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