Stoilkovski: Did MoI turn off the traffic lights in Skopje in accordance with the plan for restrictions?


Did the Ministry of Interior start with the regular implementation of the plan for restriction of electricity by turning off the traffic lights or did it make general preparation for action in crisis, asks VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

This is the document, plan for measures and activities, functioning of the Ministry of Interior and the Public Security Bureau in conditions of crisis due to lack of electricity.

It decisively states that the organizational units of the Ministry of Interior / PSB should implement “ban, diversion and establishment of movement in urban roads, regulated by illuminated traffic signs”, I quote, i.e. “dependent on electricity”.

Is the implementation of this plan, dated November 16, the reason for the paralysis of the traffic in Skopje two days ago, when without any announcement, the Ministry of Interior turned off the traffic lights for hours, without announcing anything or announcing such a restriction.

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