Germany remains committed to start of Macedonia’s EU accession talks


North Macedonia has fulfilled all requirements for start of accession negotiations, which is why her action will be firmly directed towards achieving this common strategic goal, says new German Minister of State for Europe Anna Lührmann on the meeting with Deputy PM for European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov.

“Macedonian society is ready for the reform process, to bring home the same Europe that you live in, that is the task of our generation. The start of accession negotiations will direct our energy towards the future and make us winners in tackling challenges such as climate change and bridging the economic gap through deeper cooperation, rather than towards a past that pulls us backwards and in which we are all losers. Our case is critical to the EU’s position in the region at a time when the European dream is being shaken, and very important for meeting the goals of the new German government, including the Western Balkans,” said Dimitrov.

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