Mickoski announces new concept called social consensus for joint patriotism


After being re-elected as VMRO-DPMNE leader at the party’s 17th congress on Sunday, Hristijan Mickoski announced the rebirth of the country and the party, real changes and a new concept – social consensus between stakeholders for joint patriotism, set to entail respect for differences and honest friendship for the sake of progress.

We sent a clear message for unity and togetherness. There’s hope, change is coming. We faced strong temptations over the past four years. This is our time, the time of the new generation. The road ahead is long and hard, but this is our shared fight. We may not accomplish what we want, but I’ve never have been more hopeful that we can reach the finish line together. There may be delays, we can’t solve every issue. However, I’ll always be honest and listen to you. It’s our duty to ensure that people have a choice,” said VMRO-DPMNE’s leader.

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