Does Kovachevski present his Harvard classes as a college degree?


Zaevism continues to lead the party, this was proven yesterday. DimitarKovachevski is just a pawn, an extended hand of ZoranZaev who will now implement Zaevism. Kovachevski repeats the same vague theses as ZoranZaev under the guise of implementing the same policies. The same promises that were made by ZoranZaev, none of which have been fulfilled, are now repeated by Kovachevski. He said that himself yesterday. SDSM knows nothing but ZoranZaev’s lies. ZoranZaev first promoted him as his successor, and then organized his election with a known result in advance,VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson NaumStoilkovski told a press conference on Monday.

“Why are Kovachevski and SDSM trying to sell us a fake biography and fake facts about Kovachevski? DimitarKovachevski must answer whether he presents the short classes he took at Harvard as a university degree”, Stoilkovski asked.

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