Zaev: I expect Kovachevski to win the next elections


Zoran Zaev said Wednesday he will step down as prime minister early next week. After the resignation is approved in Parliament, he added he expects to be succeeded by the new SDSM leader DimitarKovachevski at the helm of the government.

“Consultations with coalition partners are being finalized these days,” Zaev told TV24 on Wednesday. Earlier, DimitarKovachevski took office as SDSM leader after ZoranZaev handed over his duties at SDSM’s main offices in Skopje.

Asked about the Bulgarian veto, he said he is still hopeful that the new Bulgarian government will give “positive reactions”.

He said he spoke on the phone with the new Bulgarian Prime Minister KirilPetkov, agreeing that the dispute should be solved in the next six months and that working groups on energy, infrastructure, economy, culture and healthcare should be set up. “They should create a climate to settle the issues,” Zaev noted.

The PM stated he expected the new SDSM leader Kovachevski to preserve the values of the party, namely “solidarity, freedom, democracy, equality of the citizens.”


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