Shilegov left a debt of 160 million euros to the City of Skopje and a bridge in Aerodrom with 100 unresolved property-legal issues


Shilegov left a debt of 160 million euros to the city and a bridge in Aerodrom with 100 unresolved property legal issues, reads opposition VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.
“160 million euros are owed to already concluded public procurement contracts, contracts in progress and loans that Shilegov took. The wasteful Shilegov treated everything amateurishly and unprofessionally. Even the project for the bridge in Aerodrom that he boasts about is not planned. ASNOM bridge from Aerodrom to Gazi Baba, out of 100 there are only 18 resolved cases for payment of land. Twelve cases are still in procedure without consent for price, 25 cases in preparation, 11 cases with multi-year property disputes between the owners, 44 properties have procedures with requests for privatization, 16 properties have established user rights. All these procedures will take years, and the funds of the people of Skopje instead of being used for specific projects in infrastructure, water supply, sewerage, environmental protection should be captured because Shilegov and SDSM started projects without any concrete plan knowing that they can not to be realized for another 10 years,” said the opposition party.

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