Misajlovski: The country needs a president, not a theater extra and a commentator


President Stevo Pendarovski’s address was predictable, unimpressive and without surprises. He failed to essentially break away from Zaev’s shadow and the political quagmire in which they brought the country. Pendarovski is not a brake on the government that is drowning in crime, corruption, and lack of ideas, MP and Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE Vlado Misajlovski said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“One can see a theater of alleged disagreements, staged verbal attacks on the address of the President and the Prime Minister where everything has been agreed in advance, and when the time comes for substantial action, Stevo Pendarovski and Zoran Zaev are one and the same. Pendarovski did not make a single move to play for the interests of Macedonia, he plays only on the side of Zaev. Pendarovski did not take a single step to show that he is the president of all citizens. Pendarovski is a supporting actor in the theater of Zaevism. Pendarovski said today what he was not the first to apply. He was just a commentator just stating, instead of a president acting. Pendarovski could but did not show that he is demonstrating responsibility and the rule of law. His false commitment ends at the moment when he decided to remain silent about scandals like racketeering, issuing passports to world-famous mobsters, for the dubious excuse from responsibility for the Tetovo incident with the COVID hospital, the accident in Bulgaria with 45 victims. About the case of Den Donchev and a number of other cases. At the same time, he remained silent about the list of pardons that was withdrawn only due to the reaction of the public,” said Misajlovski.

“The country needs a president, not a theater extra and commentator. He did not offer a vision or solutions. “Unfortunately, President Pendarovski is not coming out of the shadow of Zaevism,” the opposition vice president added.

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