Slavija’s property in Kisela Voda alone costs over EUR 4 million, says Arsovski  


Today we continue with the so-called field census of AD Slavija. Let’s repeat, the SDSM government led by Zoran Zaev and his pawn Dimitar Kovacevski wants to sell AD Slavija for 218,535 euros without any estimate from any institution, devalued, and the whole company with its property and land costs more than 20 million euros, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski in a press conference on Wednesday.

“This property behind me, the old warehouses of Slavija in Kisela Voda, which is owned by AD Slavija, according to the official estimate from 2016, costs over 4 million euros. This is one of the buildings which is one of the biggest reasons for the sale of AD Slavija, as an attractive location for construction where according to the plans buildings should sprout as you can see in the area. Planned urbanization, someone from the government sensed that and wants a devalued company to buy for 218,535 euros and earn 10 million euros. . If we take into account the attractiveness of the location and the land, the price of this land that belongs to Slavia can jump well over 4 million euros in the coming years. Imagine, the whole criminal color in the government led by Zoran Zaev and now already from the pawnshop Dimitar Kovacevski, for 218,000 euros wants to sell and one of them to buy these attractive locations, like the one behind me with the warehouses, but also the administrative building of AD Slavija, where you could notice yesterday what kind of property it is, and the public in the coming days will find out about many other attractive locations that they intended,” says Arsovski.

“Slavija is worth over 20 million euros, not 218,000 euros. The anti-corruption should not turn a blind eye, because everyone will be accomplices if such a crime follows through. Even after the fall of the government, these people should be aware that there will be a tomorrow. Then they should be aware that they will be held accountable and stuck for such a crime that they want to commit,” adds Arsovski.

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