Two Macedonian nationals arrested in Italy, police seize 680 kg of narcotics


Italian police have arrested two Macedonian nationals, one of them without a residence permit in this country, for illicit drug trafficking.

Referring to the Italian police, Top Channel reports that out of the seized 680 kilograms of hashish and marijuana, as much as 600 kilograms were found in a truck loaded with sawdust, driven by Macedonian citizens. A Magnum handgun loaded with bullets was found in one of them.

The remaining 80kg were found in a vehicle ready for transport, in which were two Albanian citizens, who were also arrested.

The four are said to have lived between Alessandrino and Asti, and there are grounds to suspect that the drugs were smuggled from Albania.

In addition to drugs, weapons and 3,300 euros were seized in the operation. In the interest of the investigation, the identity of the arrested has not been revealed, just that their base was in a warehouse next to a commercial building.

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