Bislimoski: The price of electricity will certainly increase from January


It is obvious that there will be an increase in the price of electricity, last week the three companies sent requests. All companies will have to get out of their comfort zone, they will have to make extra efforts to survive this year. There is dissatisfaction among the companies, but in a crisis year we should all carry the burden, President of the Energy Regulatory Commission Marko Bislimoskitold TV 24’s “Studio 10” political show.

“Drastic price shocks are unacceptable for ERC, because we will have problems with collection. In times of crisis, we should all be in solidarity, to prepare for a difficult year. We still do not have a concrete estimate of how much the price of electricity will increase. The Minister said that it will be below 10%, others say 70% – we are in an awkward situation because many say about the price, and the ERC will eventually take responsibility. ESM this year offered 41 euros per megawatt hour, previously it was 36.1 euros. ESM undertakes to do everything to avoid importing electricity,” Bislimovski added.

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