Osmani: In one year we have made great progress with Bulgaria in terms of their demands


Great progress has been made in the talks with Bulgaria, because what we have on the table today is different from the first proposal that was presented to us last October,” Foreign Minister BujarOsmanitold TV21’s “Click Plus” show, discussing differences with Bulgaria.

“Completely different questions were when I went to Sofia last October, on my first visit since I became a minister, and we are discussing completely different questions in terms of form today. We have made some progress from the document that was handed over to us in Sofia last October, to the documents that we now have on the table and for which we are exchanging notes of proposals. I think it is a great progress,” said Osmani.

Commenting on this difference in the questions asked by official Sofia, in relation to what is required today,Osmani assessed that Bulgaria’s demands look like a “moving target”.

“Realistically, this is a moving target, in terms of what exactly is required during this whole period,” Osmani said.

The Foreign Minister stressed that he would not sign a new agreement with Bulgaria, although Sofia’s initial request was exactly that, to sign “some kind, not a new agreement, but a protocol or a memorandum of obligations.”

“But that process failed, i.e. it was not accepted by us and we are currently discussing these five plus one issues,” Osmani added.

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