The right to ask parliamentary questions has been denied for five months


The last time in the Parliament there was a session for asking parliamentary questions on July 30 this year. For five months, if we count December, the MPs are denied the right to ask parliamentary questions, said Nikola Micevski, coordinator of the VMRO-DPMNE Parliamentary Group at Thursday’s press conference.

In the 17 months since the current government took office, parliamentary questions have been asked eight times.

“According to the Rules of Procedure, i.e. the provision in the Rules of Procedure, it is said that parliamentary questions are asked on the last Thursday of the month. But this is not the case when SDSM is in power. Today, the Government wants to escape from responsibility again, it wants to escape from facing the problems that bother the citizens, they want to escape from the scandals and scandals for which they have become record holders. Although the Government is resigning, according to the Constitution there is no obstacle to hold a session for parliamentary questions and government officials to give answers to questions from MPs … ZoranZaev and his ministers again knowingly violate the Constitution, something that has become a practice. They came to power by violating the Constitution and the Rules of Procedure, and they leave in the same way,” Micevski said.

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