KostaPetrov resignsfrom head position at the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development


Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (FITR)KostaPetrov from the ruling SDSMannounced on Thursday that he is resigning from his position via social media.

According to his announcement, the companies supported by FITR for the period 2017-2020 achieved a cumulative revenue growth of 50%, while the cumulative profit growth of the entire portfolio for the analyzed period is 75%. He informed that the co-financed grants have the greatest effect on Macedonian startups, with the growth of revenues of startups, one year before funding and two years after funding is as much as 197%.

“I thank all our partners, users, international organizations and members of the National Startup Council for their unreserved support these 14 months. The biggest thanks to my colleagues from FITR for the record successes in 2021,” Petrov wrote in his announcement.

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