Mickoski: The mafia in Macedonia has its own state, we demand early elections


We have a situation where the state does not have its own mafia, but the mafia has its own state. That is why people have lost trust in the system, said VMRO-DPMNE leader HristijanMickoski in an interview with Kanal 5 TV, adding that citizens have lost trust in the system, and the state goes into the abyss because it is ruled by the most criminal and corrupt and therefore necessary are early elections and system reset.

“Trust in the institutions has been lost and does not exist because the rule of law does not rule, but criminals rule. In the course of one day, the car of the accused burned down, the public enterprise from the City of Skopje barracks and if the information is correct, a vehicle of the head of the Energy Chamber was set on fire”, said Mickoski.

Mickoski stressed that we need to get the citizens out of this lethargy and restore trust in the institutions.

“The vast majority of citizens live a bad life, people are disappointed and demotivated. There is indiscipline in the institutions, there is no one to come up with a strategy and vision and that is why we need to reset the system and start from the beginning. It does not go like this, we go into free fall and break. There is no capacity in these people, the results speak for themselves, the most corrupt and the most criminal, the worst with the coyote crisis, a catastrophe in education,” Mickoski said.

The opposition leader called on the government to ‘encourage itself and schedule elections, because the country must not sink anymore’. According to Mickoski, VMRO-DPMNE will win with a difference of 15-20 MPs in the early elections.

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