VMRO-DPMNE says that there has never been zero electricity production as now during its rule


The fact is that in VMRO-DPMNE’s rule, which is almost half of the country’s independence, such a situation and days where there was zero electricity production did not exist at that time, and now we are witnessing that there is. We are witnesses that there is no coal, we are witnesses that we ask for help from abroad by importing coal, said Stevche Antovski of the VMRO-DPMNE Energy Commission in an interview with Telma TV.

Antovski added that in terms of reservoirs, they were in good condition, but it happened in the summer to have electricity sales from hydropower plants at a time when the price of electricity on the stock exchange is very cheap, about 60 euros per megawatt hour.

“If we manage by the book, to be ‘by the book’, we simply keep our accumulations throughout the year, fill them up, to be ready for work in the winter. Winter is the most critical period. Then we have the highest electricity consumption. And having in mind that this is a coal energy capacity that has been built for a long time, having in mind that we were obliged not to draw the reservoirs in summer, not to brag that we sell electricity on stock exchanges at 60 euros per megawatt “for now to have no production in the reservoirs and to buy electricity at 350 euros per megawatt hour,” said Antovski.

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