Spasovski resigns as Vice President of SDSM


Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski has resigned from the position of SDSM Vice President, reports TV21, in whose studio the other day the Minister had already indicated that he should not be part of the new team of SDSM.

A session of the Central Board of SDSM will be held at 7 pm at the party headquarters.

As informed by the press service of SDSM, the sessions of the Central Board are working. They will inform about the conclusions and decisions of the Central Committee after the end of the session, for which the media will be additionally informed.

The new leader of the party Dimitar Kovachevski, is expected to be officially confirmed as a candidate for a new prime minister at the Central Board of SDSM. At the session of the Central Committee, a vote should be taken for the election of new vice presidents, general secretary and the SDSM Executive Board, but not for the ministerial functions in the new government.

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