Academician Kocarev accuses Zaev of high treason


Do you remember the words: “While I breathe, while I breathe this Macedonian air, while I remember that my grandfather, my father, all my ancestors, I, my son and daughter are Macedonians born here in Macedonia, it cannot happen. And not only that, I believe that there is no born man ready to appear before the parliament and demand a change of the Constitution for the sake of changing the constitutional name”? These words are former Prime Minister and SDSM leader Zoran Zaev’s words said in the interview for Alfa TV, says Academician Ljupcho Kocarev, President of MANU.

Academician Kocarev, who is one of the 2 percent most influential scientists in the world, accused of treason.

“Those words uttered by a statesman remained in the memory as a hope for a dignified future, but what happened next, the change of the Constitution, the change of the constitutional name – isn’t that a treason of the homeland, a betrayal of friends, and even a betrayal of God and Jesus,” stressed Academician Kocarev in the interview with Ljupcho Cvetanovski on Alfa TV.

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