Non-working Sunday starts today – higher daily wages for those who work Sundays


Amendments to the Labor Law has come into force, defining Sunday as a non-working day for 92 percent of workers. For the remaining 8 percent, who will work on Sundays, the changes provide for at least 50 percent higher daily wage and day off for workers, which are part of the activities necessary for the functioning of society, activities in which the work process must not or cannot be stopped, and 100% higher wage and day off for those who will work in non-essential businesses and will be allowed to work.

The Law on Labor Relations lists animal husbandry, mixed farming, coal and lignite mining, metal mining, printing and publishing of newspapers, bread production, fresh pastries and biscuits as activities that must work for the normal functioning of society, production of plates, sheets, pipes and profiles of plastic mass, production of industrial gas, production of metals, pharmacies, electricity supply, gas, steam and air conditioning, water supply, wastewater disposal, waste management and activities rehabilitation of the environment, as well as land, pipeline, water and air transport.


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