Mickoski: In just one year, every family in Macedonia has a new debt of MKD 77,500


In just one year, every family of four in Macedonia has a new debt of 77,500 denars, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski.

How we ended the economic year 2021:

⁃ Budget revenues around € 3.55 billion

⁃ Budget expenditures around € 4.18 billion

The difference between budget expenditures and revenues is around € 0.63 billion or a new debt for Macedonian citizens of € 630 million.

The projected gross domestic product for 2021 was 11.714 billion €, which means that in the year of local elections the government increased the debt by about 5.14%, and each family of four has a news debt of 1,260 € or 77,500 denars, wrote opposition leader Mickoski on Facebook.

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