When Mickoski was advisor and director, the electricity price was cheaper, with SDSM in power it got 32% more expensive


SDSM continues today to accuse with untruths and lies in a regime-like style, that Mickoski has increased the price of electricity, said the VMRO-DPMNE opposition party.

After Mickoski was appointed as an adviser in April / 2015, until his dismissal as General Director of ELEM in August / 2017, the electricity price paid by the citizens decreases from 4.47 den / kwh to 4.45 den / kwh or about 0, 5%, and today the citizens pay 5.87 denars / kwh or about 32% more expensive electricity than when Mickoski was dismissed from the position of General Director of ELEM.

In the end, who what stands for will be seen next month when the citizens, over 2 million citizens in their homes will receive an increased electricity bill and  increased heating bill. And every single citizen should know that the higher electricity bill is only because the government structures criminally made money on the backs of the people who now have to pay the bill. And none of those ministers who constantly talk about alleged support of the government, none of them talk about inflation, higher prices in the markets, and low wages – with such economic results, poor suffering people who can barely make ends meet.

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