Tupanchevski is Kovachevski’s big surprise, additional four women in the government


MPs Slavjanka Petrovska and Bisera Kostadinovska Stojcevska, MP Slavica Grkovska, as well as the director of the State Labor Inspectorate Jovana Trenchevska are the election of Prime Minister-designate Dimitar Kovachevski as ministers in the new government for which he will seek support from the executive and SDSM, a senior government official confirmed for daily Sloboden Pechat.

Law Professor Nikola Tupancevski is the big surprise that Kovachevski kept in the greatest secrecy, which will be a proposal for a future Minister of Justice.

Petrovska, if she receives the approval from the party bodies, will be a proposal for a new Minister of Defense, replacing Radmila Shekerinska. Jovana Trenchevska is proposed for the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in place of Jagoda Shahpaska. Grkovska should be the new Deputy Prime Minister for Fighting Corruption, while the current Deputy Prime Minister Ljupcho Nikolovski will go back to the Ministry of Agriculture. Irena Stefoska will hand over the culture department to MP Bisera Kostadinovska.


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