Anti-corruption head warns: Risk of political corruption and influence is at its highest


The risk of political corruption and political influence is at its highest. Then there is the risk of impunity and dissatisfaction with judges. These are the basic risks that we need to overcome, said thehead of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption(SCPC) BiljanaIvanovska.

In an interview withTelma TV, Ivanovska stressed that holders of public office should be aware that the system should work, whether they are in charge or not.

“It should function normally, there should be a system of values ​​to choose the best quality, and not to be their close people, whether they are relatives or party members. A way should be provided to select the people who will be best for that position. The right person in the right place, because people are the ones that build society,” Ivanovska said.

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