Arsovska: A national strategy is necessary during this energy crisis


If the city could create energy and economic policies, it would have created and prepared them by now. What was started in taking over part of the competencies of the City Energy System as a company unfortunately failed to obtain a license from the Energy Regulatory Commission and the same is now in dispute, said the Mayor of the City of Skopje DanelaArsovska.

The Skopje mayor expressed hope that after resolving this situation there will be a concrete solution and that license will be obtained, however, until then the city, as well as other municipalities have no authority over what is happening and added that it is necessary to find ways to systematically help the whole society.

“However, it is not only about the users of central heating, it is also about subsidizing the local authorities, it is about helping the public enterprises, as well as subsidizing the households and the private sector. We are all faced with this energy crisis and I believe that it is necessary to have a strategy at the national level and to have a way through certain measures that will help all categories who need it at this time,” said Arsovska.

“During her address, Arsovska stressed that unlike other countries that have begun to take national measures to mitigate the energy and price shock that the state and citizens would face, our country is late with appropriate and timely measures due to several factors she cited.  According to Arsovska, a national strategy is needed that will unite all factors and offer solutions that will help all those in need.

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